The first Workshop on Computational Aspects of Deep Learning at ICPR 2020 (02/23/2020)

Together with NVAITC, we are organizing the first Workshop on Computational Aspects of Deep Learning (CADL), which will be hosted at ICPR 2020. See the website for more.

Associate Editor of Pattern Recognition Letters (02/14/2020)

I have been appointed as Associate Editor at Pattern Recognition Letters.

Our Meshed-Memory Transformer ranks first on the COCO Image Captioning Leaderboard! 🏆 (12/18/2019)

With a CIDEr-D of 1.321, our architecture for image captioning is first on COCO Captioning. See the leaderboard.

Invited talk at Modena Smart Life (09/27/2019)

On September 27th I will give an invited talk at the "Modena Smart Life" festival, on Vision, Language and Embodied AI. See the program of the event for further details.

Interview at Smart City on Radio24 (09/11/2019)

I have been interviewed by Maurizio Melis on Radio24. You can hear the podcast of the interview here.

PersonArt - an interactive demo at Gallerie Estensi (08/09/2019)

From September, 13th to 29th you can discover your doppelgänger in art with our interactive face similarity demo.
See the Gallerie Estensi website for more.

LAMV is being used at Facebook to detect harmful content (08/05/2019)

Our solution for matching and detecting copied videos, published in CVPR 2018, is now being used in production scale at Facebook to detect harmful content.

See the official announcement on the Facebook newsroom website, and the Github repository with the source code.

Tutorial at ICIAP 2019 - "Vision, Language and Action: from Captioning to Embodied AI" (08/04/2019)

See the abstract and program on the tutorial page.

The call for Demo and Exhibit for ICPR 2020 is online (07/16/2019)

We are looking for exciting demos and demonstrations by June 15th 2020. See the call.

I am co-organizing the first NVIDIA Inception Event in Italy (07/05/2019)

More details at the event page.

One paper accepted as oral at BMVC (with F. Landi and M. Corsini) (07/01/2019)

Two papers (with M. Cornia and M. Tomei) accepted at CVPR 2019! (02/25/2019)

Our paper on Human Eye Fixations Prediction has been accepted at Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)! (06/29/2018)

Our paper on Temporal Match Kernels (with M. Douze and H. Jégou) has been accepted at CVPR 2018! (02/19/2018)

I successfully defended my thesis. (02/13/2018)

I did an internship at FAIR (Facebook AI Research) Paris from July to October 2017 (04/28/2017)

Our paper "Hierarchical Boundary-Aware Neural Encoder for Video Captioning" has been accepted at CVPR 2017 (03/01/2017)

Imagelab will receive a GPU-based server as part of the Facebook AI Research Partnership (08/30/2016)